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Available chat message only – daily from 10am-10pm CET (Paris, Madrid, Berlin)








The first thing to remember is that IPTV is not like normal aerial, cable or satellite TV reception. IPTV is provided through the internet from streaming servers that are probably located many miles from your location. You access the streaming servers from an application on a device that you own through your internet and internet service provider.

This connection gives many points of failure. Different applications work better than others, some devices work better than others and some internet connections are better then others. Your ISP may block some connections to IPTV streaming servers, in this case you will need to think about using a VPN. Channel streams can go offline, or buffer intermittently. The streaming servers are set-up to avoid this but it can happen at any time, not just caused by the IPTV service provider but more commonly caused by the end user’s Internet connection (through ISP), the device being used or the IPTV app being used.

We always recommend your streaming device (set top box), whether it be MAG Box, Android Box or Smart TV to be connected to your router with an ethernet cable. We do not recommend WiFi connections because WiFi can be un-predictable and unstable. Turning on an electrical device such as a fan, air conditioning or microwave can interfere and severely damage the WiFi signal that your set-top box or TV receives. This can seriously affect your streaming experience.

For our IPTV we do not actually own or control the streaming servers, this is managed by a third party that we re-sell the service for. One thing to also bear in mind is that as IPTV is not always strictly legal, due to providing copyrighted content without a valid subscription. With this in mind the various authorities are always trying to shut down IPTV streaming servers, and you must be aware that this can happen, at any time, with any IPTV service that you choose.

In the event that this happens we will always attempt to find alternative, working solution for you.

Many users now prefer to take shorter subscriptions so in the event that the service does shut down, or your internet company blocks the service, you only stand to lose a little. We can do this for you (minimum subscription length is currently 3 months). But we also make our 6 month and 12 month subscriptions very cheap.

We have been providing TV streaming services for many clients for over 5 years and have customers renewing the service year after year. There is no contract. You pay for what you need, when you need it.

Once you take and pay for a subscription you will be sent either a portal URL (for MAG device or STB Emulator Apps) or an M3U URL with username and password for entering into other apps on a Firestick or Android Box. You will be sent an email with an activation date and time. Once the payment is received and your subscription is activated we cannot process refunds. Any refund request after this time cannot be honoured. So, when the service is first activated, please be sure to check your satisfaction immediately. In some circumstances for 6 or 12 month subscriptions we may be able to offer pro-rata refunds, but you will always lose your first month immediately. We can refund up to 7.50€ per month that has not be used.

Thank you for choosing us to give you the worldwide TV channels you want.

Just fill in the form above, or send us a WhatsApp message, and we will start work on setting up your TV streams. You will receive a response shortly with set-up installation information and payment instructions.